• Time to Celebrate!

    We are fortunate to be celebrating our 15-year anniversary! Each day, we count our blessings for the great people that we work with and the goals that we achieve. We truly love what we do, and we have immense gratitude for each day that we do it! Here’s to our next 15-years!


  • Increase Communications.
    Increase Sales.

    There’s no denying it. Increasing communications to a target audience can positively impact a company’s bottom line. So if this is the case, why aren’t more companies reaping the benefits? Here’s a little secret…

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    Increase Communications - Ace Public Relations
  • The Results - Ace Public Relations

    Building Brands.

    We create influential brand recognition while increasing exposure for our clients. Our communication tools ‘speak to’ clients’ target audiences, making them instrumental in shortening the sales cycle. Here’s how we do it.

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  • The Results Speak
    for Themselves.

    From speaking engagements to editorial exposure, ACE delivers a valuable return on investment.

    The Results - Ace Public Relations

Our Specialty

We are a team of seasoned communications experts, specializing in the printing industry with a focus on sustainability. We give our clients valuable insight into this market, helping them to make the most impact with their target audience. 

15-Years of Success

Launched in 1999, ACE has emerged as one of the industry leaders. From media relations and product reviews to corporate communications and social networking, our team designs 6- to 12-month programs that achieve results. We love what we do… and it shows in the work that we deliver.

Paying it Forward

Giving back to the community is exceptionally important to our agency. A percentage of our revenue is donated to local charities and in-kind pro-bono services provided. ACE has provided more than $27,000 of in-kind services since 2010. 
  • Previously, we didn’t communicate with our customers unless there was a problem, and our product announcements were infrequent. Today, our name recognition is greater. We have a better relationship with the media and we’re getting better, and more coordinated coverage. It’s important for us to keep the news announcements.
    Barry Bowden, Product Manager, Apago Inc.
  • The ACE team is great at taking the bits and bytes of what we do and communicating it in a way for the layman to understand. As a small technology organization, ACE helps us maximize our investment in order to achieve the greatest results. Each press release we issue, we see a jump in sales.
    Dwight Kelly, president, Apago Inc.
  • ACE is a great agency to work with in the U.S. They eliminate international barriers, and have enabled our agencies to serve our respective markets using a single, unified strategy. They are skilled at maximizing their clients’ communications investment while helping them achieve their business goals. It has been a pleasure working with the professionals at ACE.
    Shireen Shurmer, Director, AD Communications,
    a UK-based media relations agency
  • ACE Public Relations helped put our company on the map in the United States. The editorial coverage and mindshare we gained was invaluable. Their advice and access to the most important analysts, journalists and influencers in our industry, as well as their highly effective collaboration with our European advisers, were key to the success of our profile and resultant ability to win business in the United States.
    Richard Horwood, Chairman, Vio Worldwide.
  • We turned to ACE to help us with our corporate messaging and they did an excellent job. ACE helped us to identify the issues that are important our customers and the industries we serve. We also have a game plan for the coming year that will help us to map out the best way to reach the media and our target audience. An added bonus of this project is that ACE helped us to rekindle relationships with old clients that may turn into new business.
    David Taylor, President of Radius Solutions Inc.
Client Site - Ace Public Relations

ACE Public Relations provides clients with “Client Books,” an online resource for recent press coverage, sales and marketing collateral, and more. Request to see a demonstration of this invaluable tool.