March 22, 2014

White Papers

[column class=”c50″]One of the most underutilized marketing tools, white papers are more than just nice-to-haves. These powerful educational tools, when followed by sales initiatives, result in a high conversion rate. Needless to say, white papers are invaluable for companies that are serious about their products and the customers they serve. Sponsor one or more of the following white papers and share the valuable knowledge with your customers, partners and staff.
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Upcoming White Papers

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Trends In Sustainability

What is the current “state of the art” of environmental sustainability in the graphic communications industry? Since the mid 2000s, green initiatives have crested and troughed with general industry business conditions, but where does the issue stand at present? What initiatives are the most commonly adopted; which are the least? How strong are industry companies’ commitment to sustainable practices? What factors are driving sustainability? This white paper will look at what companies are doing, how enthusiastically they are doing it, and whether it is customers or other factors that are driving sustainability efforts.

Eco-Friendly Products

Print service providers and others in the graphic communications industry are swamped with products, many of which make claims to environmental sustainability. However, a fair percentage of those products are not truly sustainable, or can be considered only with the broadest interpretation of the word “sustainable.” And, well, some are outright lies. So how do buyers tell the difference? What products are truly sustainable? This white paper will peel back some of the mystery and offer guidance for selecting truly “green” supplies and other products.
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The “Alphabet Soup” of Standards and Certifications

“I have standards. They’re low, but they’re standards. — Bette Midler

There is no shortage of organizations that will “certify” a company’s practices or products as “sustainable.” But how reliable are those certifications? This white paper will provide an overview of the leading sustainability standards and certification organizations and programs, and provide guidance on evaluating the legitimacy of other purported “standards.”

A White Paper on Green Paper

“Go green—go paperless.”  “Save trees—go paperless.”

We’ve all seen those messages printed on our financial statements or utility bills. But how “green” is going paperless? Is paper the environmental scourge some people say it is? Studies have shown that paper can be more environmentally friendly than electronic media. How? And how can the industry promote paper as being environmentally friendly? This white paper will show how “green” paper can be, and what practices can ensure that paper is one of the most environmentally friendly media available.