November 23, 2009


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Our Specialty

We are a team of seasoned communications experts, specializing in the printing industry with a focus on sustainability. We give our clients valuable insight into this market, helping them to make the most impact with their target audience. [/column][column class=”c33″]

15-Years of Success

Launched in 1999, ACE has emerged as one of the industry leaders. From media relations and product reviews to corporate communications and social networking, our team designs 6- to 12-month programs that achieve results. We love what we do… and it shows in the work that we deliver.[/column]
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Paying it Forward

Giving back to the community is exceptionally important to our agency. A percentage of our revenue is donated to local charities and in-kind pro-bono services provided. ACE has provided more than $27,000 of in-kind services since 2010.  [/column][end_columns]
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Client Site - Ace Public Relations

ACE Public Relations provides clients with “Client Books,” an online resource for recent press coverage, sales and marketing collateral, and more. Request to see a demonstration of this invaluable tool.