Sustainability Brings Opportunity

Sustainability comes in all shapes and sizes, from the upcycled and recyclable products that scream green to the waste-reducing solutions improve business operations. Within this spectrum lies opportunities, and this piece highlights one company that has found its niche.

hop-syn-displaySeizing the Opportunity

In the point-of-purchase and sign segments of the printing industry, where signs go up and down with the season or the sale, Hop Industries saw an opportunity for an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC-based vinyl. In the mid-90’s, the plastics company introduced Hop-Syn, a synthetic paper made up of a unique mixture of calcium carbonate and polypropylene resin. The pulp-free paper is code-5 recyclable and meets retailers’ demands for quality and durability. 

As the product evolved, new grades were introduced, and today the company boasts 6 synthetic paper grades — all are 100% recyclable, delivering high quality results for a variety of uses. As a result, big brands and their print partners choose Hop-Syn because it meets sustainability and quality.

Full-Circle Sustainability

We like success stories like this. Hop succeeded in delivering a cost-effective vinyl alternative that’s environmentally friendly, while carving a niche for its business. But, it doesn’t end there for Hop. The company also runs a sustainable converting facility that ensures that waste is properly recycled and reused.

Hop-Syn embraces full circle sustainability, and is now regarded as one of the leading synthetic paper companies in the market, with signs for tremendous growth ahead.

hop-syn-convertingOpportunities for Innovation

We encourage companies to examine every aspect of their and their clients’ business operations to find areas to improve, whether it’s offering a new product or enhancement to an operation.

Sustainability is a segment that will only continue to grow, both by demand from the consumer and the bottom line. There’s no question that a sustainable environment can bring operational efficiency, while reducing a company’s carbon footprint; it’s the best of both worlds.

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Heidi Thompson About the author

Heidi Thompson is an advocate for sustainability in print. She is the founder of ACE Public Relations, a collective of innovative and creative minds skilled at helping companies succeed. The PR agency specializes in the printing and packaging industries, with a focus on sustainability. The team develops strategies for effective communications using a combination of tools including press releases, case studies, testimonials, bylined articles, market intelligence reports and sustainability analysis, for email, blogs, social media and more. Contact Heidi at 732.892.5445 or email.